Coaching Engagement

Private Coaching:

  • The groundwork for private coaching takes place during 1 or 2 introductory sessions
  •  We identify the themes and set the goals for the coaching engagement
  • As coach & coachee we will work in together in partnership focusing on your professional and personal development
  • You will set short and long term goals and create action plans with my support
  • Clients will leave each session with specific action items to accomplish or new approaches to try remaining accountable for action items and to me as your coach

Organizational Coaching:

  • A meeting with client and manager to discuss professional and/or personal challenges & opportunities during introductory assessment phase and review phase
  • Self-assessment tools may include Biography Inventory and Priorities Ranking
  • 360 interviews and/or 360 online assessment (Clark Wilson, LMAP, or Hay Group ESCI) with your peers, boss, direct reports (as applicable) and external or internal clients (as applicable) provide rich source of feedback.
  • Hogan Assessment suite (Personality Inventory, Development Survey and Motives,Values,Preferences Inventory) and/or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) provide rich data for increasing self-awareness.
  • Meetings with individual and/or teams to identify challenges, provide feedback, set short and long term goals and create high impact action plans
  • On going coaching to support client/team in implementing action plan
  • Follow up and evaluation of goal accomplishment


Coaching can take place by phone, via Skype, or in person usually twice per month for 60 minute sessions. Our relationship and schedule will be customized to suit your needs. For maximum impact a minimum 3 – 6 month commitment  or at least six sessions of working together is strongly recommended.

Additional Information:

Fee schedules and an Introduction Packet along with a Professional Services Agreement and the International Coach Foundation’s Code of Ethics are available upon request.