Coaching Approach

Working as a trusted partner, Terry uses a solutions focused approach where the emphasis is on helping the client identify the desired outcome and the steps needed to achieve that outcome. Terry works with individuals and teams to increase self and team awareness, identify their challenges and opportunities, gain awareness through 360 feedback and assessments, explore options, leverage strengths, and create actionable plans to practice new behaviors and enhance their effectiveness.

Since leadership is a team sport, Terry also focuses on leadership team coaching and facilitation to help teams build trust, increase self/team awareness, enhance communication, and gain alignment around their context, mission, key priorities, and operating norms. Team assessments are used to provide benchmarking feedback on components critical to team performance.

Areas of Expertise:                                                              

  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Design and deliver coach led 360 reviews
  • Executive onboarding and transitions into senior roles
  • Functional Team & Leadership Team coaching; team effectiveness
  • Launching new teams or chartering a team
  • Conscious business communication
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Change management
  • Women & diverse high potential leadership and coaching programs (including mentorship & sponsorship)
  • Neuroscience and thinking preferences

Assessment and 360 feedback are key parts of the coaching process. Assessments and confidential interviews provide clients with valuable information to help them increase self-awareness and gain insight into their impact on others.  We conduct 360 interviews and/or online 360 assessments, Birkman, Hogan or MBTI personality assessments and often the NBI Neuroscience assessment of thinking preferences. Critical stakeholder feedback is obtained to enhance understanding of expectations, perceptions, and key success measures. We work with clients to create high impact action plans and  determine key indicators of success seeking in put from the sponsor or manager in a 3 way meeting prior to implementation of the plan. Follow up and evaluation of goal accomplishment are the final part of the process.

Coaching Experience:

  • Coached senior leadership team on EQ & leadership team effectiveness during period of transition to global virtual division across three continents.
  • Coached senior executive on effective communication and time management
  • Coached executive on increasing emotional and social intelligence and experimenting with new behaviors to enhance work relationships with peers
  • Coached women and men of color in leadership development programs; focus on career aspiration statements, elevator pitches, action plans, and network design.
  • Emerging leader development focused on the critical skills needed for a more senior position with expanded responsibilities.
  • Coached numerous technical leaders on building EQ skills to enhance their effectiveness as managers and/or leaders
  • Worked with senior executives at growing company to establish strategic partnership culture with clients in order to improve client retention.
  • Led workshops/retreats on effective communication strategies, story telling with substance, strategic networking, career management, and stress management