“I feel privileged to have been coached by Terry Newman for the past year.  She was an extraordinary listener and synthesizer, and adept at helping me to deconstruct challenges and refocus my energies toward achieving specific goals, both professional and personal.  Terry provided the knowledge, encouragement—gentle and firm pushes alike—and tools for my journey in a relatively new job in a complicated workplace toward becoming a more effective colleague and stronger leader. I am exceedingly grateful for her counsel, honest insights, heart, humor, and intelligence.”
Nancy Haitch, Vice President for Development & Communications
Helen Keller International

“Terry links her vast experience in business and finance with her own insightful coaching and leadership skills and approaches. Terry’s two year engagement with the leadership team has focused on enhancing leadership’s emotional intelligence in an environment where technical strengths previously outweighed leaders’ ability to connect with their teams.  Terry’s two-pronged approach, bottom up and top down, has resulted in a marked improvement in management/staff dynamics. She is a totally dedicated professional who goes out of her way to help teams progress, deliver and appreciate each other’s differences in an effort to build a more collaborative work environment.”
Matthew Bauer, Global Head and Senior Manager
EMEA and Investor Operations Syndications Department
IFC, World Bank Group

“Terry is patient and supportive, but also very intentional and firm. She very effectively reframes and re-directs, without making her client feel unheard, dismissed or criticized. Terry reveals blind spots candidly but with sensitivity, and maintains focus on effectuating positive change in those whom she coaches. I believe I have benefitted greatly from Terry’s coaching: she made me aware of the impact my communication style had on others, and provided me with the tools to change that in a positive way. My relationships with others have markedly improved as a result.”
Susan LoFrumento, Associate Counsel, Transactions

“Just wanted to thank you again for all your advice and also share good news. I was selected for the job and have moved from a GCB 5 to a 4….You reminded me of the need to understand my value proposition, to think of what sets me apart from the competition. This helped me organize and align my answers in the interview, and I was able to communicate a clear and consistent message.”
Gena Baldivia, Business Analyst l HTS – Global Change Delivery
HSBC Bank Canada

“Terry has presented to our PwC women on two occasions now and her executive coaching content is excellent. Our women were engaged and came away with a new perspective and understanding of the impact of self promotion and strategic networking. Thank you Terry!!”
Parmjit K Sandhu
Director PwC Global Human Resource Services